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Why comTEC?

Quality and

on-time delivery

We use original and certified materials. We are respecting deadlines and we keep in touch during the production process.

Knowledge combined

with modern technology

With experience, professionalism and modern technology we find solutions that create added value to you.

Energy efficiency and

environmental responsibility

We use renewable energy and we print on eco materials with eco-friendly colors.

Tradition with

comprehensive service

More than 20 years on the market in our field and balanced development are placing us among biggest suppliers.


and innovativeness

Your challenges are our opportunity for creative and innovative visual-promotional solutions that bring you the desired results.

Radenska about our innovative solutions

Advanced solutions are the future – and our customers agree.


Even wood gets a different look with comTEC

We have produced a unique wooden furniture in cooperation with our partner.

On-line catalogue

Check out our catalogue of successful stories that we are creating for our clients.